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Monday Made It B2S Teacher Gift (EASY)

Oh my GOSH!!!
I am sooooo excited about linking up with my friend Tara
for her
This week has been super crazy because we are in the process of moving out…
we are moving in with my parents while our house gets renovated and fixed up…
BUT before we move out I wanted to get all of Bub's B2S stuff organized and ready to go…
one less thing to stress about while we are not in our environment will make our life easier!!!
All of Bub's supplies are bought (not labeled)
and they are in a B2S bag that his sweet teacher can keep!!!
I always LOVE giving his teachers B2S gifts and I like to keep it simple right now…
BUT I also want it to be SWEET… simple and sweet is the best!!!
so here it is… my MONDAY MADE IT…
and I truly made it TODAY!!!
I know!!!
Fo Realz I did…

I saw this idea while at my son's preschool a few years back…
and so I am stealing the idea and making one for Bub's 1st grade teacher!!!
 all of my supplies were from HOB LOB… I forgot to put a white chalk paint pen…
I already had that soooooo...
 spray about 3-5 layers of chalkboard…
I probably could have done a few more layers but I got impatient…
still cute though
 I had my cutie patootie friend Katy write Bub's teacher's name and stuff…
she had to go over it 2-3 times with the paint pen… I also added pretty ribbon long enough to hang on a door
the idea is to have all the kiddos write their names on this letter…
so you will need to supply a chalk paint pen
and if your super sweet you can send your mom in like I am going to do and she will help get the kiddos' names on the B and that way his sweet teacher doesn't have to stress about it…
 MOM doesn't know I would like her to do that…
but she reads this….
SO HEY Mom… you think you can mosey on up to school and help get this thing signed???
Please and Thank You!!!

The good thing is she can hang it in her room wherever… or on the door
and when new kiddos come in
you always get new kids right…
well they can sign the letter too!!!

it was super easy and fun to make

head on over to Tara's Blog and see all of the other neat Monday Made Its!!!
Thanks Tara for hosting this!!!
I might not make something every time BUT I am creeping and checking them all out every time !!!

WAG Donation Check Delivered… THANK YOU!!!

Where do I begin…
when I asked for donations a couple of months ago
for Wimberley Adoption Group and rescue…
I NEVER in a bazillion years would have imagined you guys would give soooo much
for your kind generosity 
Yesterday… I delivered the $603.33 check to Ms. Pat Davis and her crew.
They were overcome with joy and were brought to tears over the amount of money we had donated.

When I contacted Ms. Pat she thought I should come to one of their adoption days… and so I did.
The check is going to be used immediately….
They told me they needed this money more than ever because they still have several dogs from the flood
and several dogs that need medical attention and expensive medicine.  
Just in case you wanted to see some of the faces of these sweet doggies… 
I got to meet several at yesterday's adoption. 
ALL of the dogs pictured below are up for adoption and ALL of them were the sweetest pups.

I mean seriously… I wanted to take ALL of them home!!!
I could be the dog lady!!!
anywho… if any of those cuties are pulling at your heart strings…
be sure to contact WAG at 512-847-3200

and if you feel the need to donate more to this amazing group
their website is HERE 
and they have a clickable link to donate

thanks again for opening your hearts and wallets to help me make a generous donation
this online community of teacher bloggers is a blessing in my life and the lives of those puppies

My TpT Vegas 2015 Trip

oh my gosh
This blog post has been simmering in my mind for a few days
seriously there is so much to talk about…
I went to VEGAS a nervous Nelly…
seriously I was SCARED!!!
I was freaking that people wouldn't like me
I mean my personality is true through this blog
but it is easy to hide behind this screen
but to put myself out there…
not so easy

I was freaking about flying
I hadn't flown in almost 15 years
and that was a scary experience…
seriously imagine a 12 seater plane
and the stewardess straps herself in and passes out the barf bags
we had to fly through a severe thunderstorm
let's just say it was like driving over large turtles
in a wind tunnel
all while swerving back and fourth
NOT a FUN experience!!!

I was freaking about SWAG and BRAG
I didn't make business cards
I didn't make a t-shirt
I didn't make a notebook
or tumbler
or pens
or a bag
seeing all that schtuff scroll across my social media
was making my nerves FRAY
I decided to make a Vegas only CURRENTLY

ALL of that worry and stress was not necessary

3 reasons...

I met virtual friends and now when hubby says
I can say YES
it was amazing seeing these faces
face 2 face
all of these ladies and gent have played a HUGE part in my bloggy life
and it was AMAZING to see them in person!!!

TIP- I did make a mental list of 5 peeps I HAD to see
and guess what I did see all of those!!!
am I gonna tell you the 5 I wanted to see NOPE
I don't want to hurt any feelings… I loved meeting everyone!!!

I am still in shock that people wanted to meet me…
I don't see myself as a super star… even though I had a couple of people call me that
one cutie even cried when we met (no names again) and a few were shaking…
inside I was thinking OH MY goodness
and really on the inside I was just as nervous as they were!!! 
really it put this whole blogging thing in perspective for me…
and talk about a self esteem booster

people love me for ME
people actually stopped me and wanted my picture… 
people thanked me
complimented me 
that is still CRAZY to me
I left with a renewed sense of ME

#2 my roomies and my dad
I could not have asked for better roomies
NOT JANE   and    Krazy Town

I think I have been blogging longer BUT
these 2 are FULL of expert knowledge!!!
TONS of information
if I had any questions they knew the answer
our late night talks were fun and inspiring
I would't have survived without them…

they were a huge help the ENTIRE trip
I was such a crazy pants
all of my days were blending together
I couldn't even tell people what day it was

*** squirrel ***
I have an excuse for being extra cray
I went to The Sipp the week before Vegas
with hubs and Bubs
and was home for about 28 hours before I left for VEGAS
((is that a good excuse))
we had a blast there too…
here's proof!!!

********** ok that squirrel is across the road****************

If you didn't see…
my Dad surprised me in Vegas…
I may have broken down and cried before I left for Vegas… 
ok I did it a few times...
because I was so nervous
I have issues
(flying and crowds)
and I am a Daddy's girl 
so he flew out and surprised me…
no one knew except my mamma…
my roomies had things to do Wednesday 
so Dad and I went shopping, snacking, and slot playing
and then the other days we enjoyed lunch and dinners together
he also flew home on the same flight
IT was GREAT to have him there and made my heart so FULL!!!
makes me a little teary eyed right now thinking about this man
he has ALWAYS been there for me and is possibly my #1 FAN
Hubs might disagree… 
neither one of them read this so they'll never know
ha ha ha 
but Mamma does BUT she is on vaycay right now…
without me :(

and I swear my dad knows how to smile
it is just hard to catch it…
a few people recognized my dad and asked me about him
some even recognized me because of my dad
we even got approached at the airport
by a cutie patootie because they recognized my dad
so next year
yep he said he was coming with me next year too
 I told him I'll make him a button or a shirt
he is famous now… ha ha ha

and finally
this quote

Rachel Lynette used this quote in her keynote
and it really hit home…
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with this quote...
and then when I was trying to make this…
this picture is a shot I took from our Sipp trip
and then when I married the quote to the pic I had my AHA moment…
Paul told us to find our AHA moment

like the ocean pic above…
for me the rising tide is TpT
they support us as needed and as they grow it helps us all
they are the reason we are afloat

the boats represent sellers
notice some boats are sail boats,
there a couple of small fishing boats,
a few larger boats,
and a very nice BIG boat…
kinda like the seller community
we are all boats
navigating the TpT sea…
some of us are mo mo mo motoring along
stuck in our ways but it works for us
some of us are calmly sailing and enjoying the ride in their current ship
 and others are cruising the sea… upgrading equipment and learning  the ever changing new ways of the sea every chance they get

before the conference I was probably one of the smaller sailboats
I was sailing along just kinda enjoying the ride
wasn't doing much… I hadn't upgraded my equipment in a long time
and I was dusty from neglect
My sails were tattered because they had traveled for miles without being tended to
faded too… and you know I don't do faded…

and now after the conference…
I have the tools to fix my little sailboat
I have my sights set on upgrading  my equipment
I am also planning on moving to a bigger boat
a pretty new boat… and I think I am going to pack away the sails
and place the motor in the water
all of this will take time and work… lots of work
but I am prepared for this journey…

you get what you put into it right???

I am fully aware… and I hope you are too that
you can't just jump into a LARGE fancy yacht and sail away
you might have to start in an inner tube and float for a little bit
 or you might have to dip your toes in before you get a little row boat
the captains of those big ole boats didn't just jump in…
they worked to get that ship
they might have hired some crew members
they might have paid extra for some boosting motor
BUT the fact is...
they were once little row boats too
really they were

but one thing is for sure…
you can sail the TpT sea always looking at the Big Yachts cruising by
sometimes you look in envy and other times in awww
BUT what  you really need to do is look within and start from there
improve you
focus on you
find your niche
dock where there are positive networking possibilities

I am blessed to be in the TpT sea with all of these other boats
in NO other sea will you find these types of professional friendships
boats no matter how big or small share their secrets to success 
so all can improve

so whether you are mo mo motoring along 
or sailing the high seas
remember it is all up to you

TpT is our sea but you are the captain of your ship!!!

I linked up with the girls over at The Elementary Entourage for this fun linky…
thanks ladies for hosting this… 


I was watching the US Women's World Cup game
and I was inspired to do this CURRENTLY design
I hope you love it.
I played soccer from 2nd grade through college
up until I blew my knee out when I was like 30.
like {PUFFY} heart love it!!!

This month's CURRENTLY sponsor is…


oh and I have to say
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you that donated last month
together we raised over $600
OVER $600
that is mind blowing!!!
POW… that was my mind blown
any who
I will be delivering the check to the WAG organization at their Adoption Day Event on July 25th 
and I can't wait.  There is also going to be City Council Members along with WAG representatives.  I am so excited and my heart is so FULL that my little ole blog was able to raise so much for a great cause!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! If it wasn't for my fantabulous readers, none of this would be possible.  Miss Pat, at WAG, said that this money is greatly needed because several of the dogs that they still have in the rescue (from the flood) are heart worm positive, and have other ailments and this money will be used to help with their treatments and other medical care.  THANKS again for being so AWESOME!!!

and now for what you have been waiting on…
 the game is over and I am so excited…

Every year Hubs takes off for the 4th and we head out to THE SIPP…
AKA Mississippi
so if any of you Mississippi Gulf Coast peeps want to meet up
holla at me
we go there to visit my Gma and other family
BUT let's keep it real… I go to see my GMA

and let's not talk about the lack of packing I have done or not done…
I am really good at stacking everything on the bed and organizing it that way
and then SWISH… pack it in the suitcase last minute…
so I have bed stacks
I just need to pack it

I am excited about VEGAS…
I am nervous about
being over scheduled
flying and flying

I am usually a pretty confident person…
but because I can hide behind this computer screen…
and I know how to take a pic from my good side and angle…
plus I have a WONDERFUL app for editing my selfies…
ask me in vegas and I will share it with you!!!
BUT… I will admit it...
I am nervous about meeting everyone…
and being out in the open… is that weird… am I the only one???
I can hide behind this blog
and edited pics and edited words
but not in VEGAS…
I don't have anything to hide
I am just worried…
I feel like I am going to a new high school and I want to be the cool kid…
tons of questions...
what do you wear
how many outfits do I bring
do I have time to play slots
do I bring my laptop
will all my chins show up in the pics
am I gonna sweat like a pig… I sweat so easily
have you seen the predicted temps
will my makeup melt off my face
will people like me
will people like my #currentlyvegas
will people do the above mentioned hashtag
will my hair cooperate
if I sweat I sweat pink… because of my hair… smirk face
will I be ok on the plane…
will my roommate hate me before we land
how big can my carry on be
can I pack hairspray
is their a wt limit for luggage
I hate flying
hope I don't forget anything…
AHHHHHHHHHH remind me why I am going again…
really I am excited I am
anywho… I need to get over this
I will be fine… I just have to get there
and I need to relax and enjoy the moment…
AND first I have THE SIPP to enjoy
and I am sure HUBS will love hearing about all my nervous nelly problems on our 8 hour drive
no wait he is driving… 10 hour drive!!! ha ha ha

ALL STAR… everyone knows if they want an honest opinion…
come to me
If you are trying an outfit on… I will not lie and tell you that outfit looks great
I will not be blunt and mean… I will do it nicely...
I would hope you do the same…
if your boyfriend is a jerk and you ask for advice I will tell you like it is…
I do have a filter but if you ask for advice be prepared… I do deliver an honest opinion.

my friends know this and sometimes they have to tell me to just listen… no advice needed
I am a good listener too!!!

OK your turn...

all star… what are you great at

here are the RULES… 
please follow the rules
I have noticed some are not doing the rule of 3…
please read these and follow them
and no saving your spot on the linky list by linking to a blank page
while you make your currently…
please and thank you… 

and don't forget you can do CURRENTLY in your classroom!!!

SUMMER Math Camp… and I had the art rotation

Last week... you might have seen my super OVERLOAD of
IG pics when I was working at our SUMMER Math Camp… 
I got a lot of feedback on these, and a few asked if I was going to blog about it…
and well looky here… I DID!!!

 protractor art was the first day…
I thought it was simple enough for everyone
we did not finish these in the 45 minutes, so I had them put them on a side table
and they would work on them when they had time the next few days…
some kiddos never finished but all they had to do was finish coloring
which they said they could do at home
I am going to do this activity with my incoming fouthies
because one it is FUN and two it is a great way to become familiar with a brand new math tool!!!
and well it is FUN!!!
 this activity was a struggle for some… a few… like one in each group
and half of the firsties
they have to cut a shape that uses the perimeter as apart of its shape…
if they cut shapes out of the middle it did not work
I had lots of extra squares available
a few kids never caught on and so they just cut random shapes out
of their square and glued them all over their white paper…
they had to use the entire square and glue ALL of the parts down
it is still an exploding square… right…
sorry no pics of those

 these were fun
but took a lot longer than I thought…
all kiddos did these
and did them well
here are some more examples
well that is about it…
I kept it simple.
If you need more explanation
let me know… 

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